Any building that is located within 5 miles of the sea is considered as being in a marine environment. Properties found here are classed as marine buildings with the strain put upon them by the harshest weather conditions that Mother Nature can throw at them.

For Kolorseal, the importance of providing long-lasting colours on uPVC and aluminium products is always paramount, wherever a property is located. For the team, it is essential to guarantee that colour coated products will not weather, crack, warp or fade in any harsh environmental conditions.

Buildings that are categorised as a marine property will have to deal with tougher chemical attacks than most other types of homes. Salts, chemicals, and a variety of harsh deposits from the sea will eventually affect any building’s exterior that is found near it.

The tougher weather conditions near the coast, requires that any frame finishes as well as the glass it contains, is manufactured to the highest standards possible, so any windows and doors can withstand the pressure on a daily basis.

Kolorseal always adds additional UV lacquer where required, which can ensure the performance of the products is not diminished or contaminated. Sea facing homes, standing within exposed areas where higher winds and weathering are prevalent means that the performance of the chosen coloured windows, doors or composite doors can handle the additional environmental challenges.

Knowing installers must consider salt corrosion for renovation or new build projects that are sea-facing, the Kolorseal team provides colour coatings that will give extra resilience when withstanding salt attacks.

uPVC can last between 20-35 years, and as it is maintenance-free the Kolorseal UV lacquer can actively resist the corrosion caused by salt and chemical sprays. As Kolorseal uPVC colour coat-ed products naturally resist moisture, rotting, peeling, cracking and fading, the additional lacquer added to any profile will last for years.

Kolorseal coated products are produced to meet the toughest building regulation requirements particularly for homes in coastal areas. Colour and design flexibility helps to ensure that the choices homeowners make are right for their personal project.

Likewise for architectural installations which may use aluminium, this type of specification requires the same type of process which Kolorseal can also guarantee. Consideration and guarantees are given to ensure there is no rusting on products installed in harsh coastal environments.

For installers and fabricators looking to offer something a little different, the Kolorseal range makes the ideal choice. Choosing the right type of windows, doors and roofline for a home by the sea can be complicated. Trying to navigate the building regulation specifications can be difficult, so it is important to know that a supplier adheres to the requirements.

Specifying the right coating for any project is exceptionally important and the Kolorseal team is available to give the right technical advice for any coastal installation. Call the team for advice on 01924 454856 or visit the website