Where It All Began For Kolorseal

Geri and Debbie’s journey began a few years ago, when they were brought together at a charity auction. As soon as Debbie saw the 7ft. brightly-coloured, ornamental Giraffe, she knew they were destined to be together.

With colour the whole foundation that Kolorseal is built upon, and Geri having such amazing colours in her design, it seemed a natural unison for the two of them.

Geri The Giraffe

Geri now resides in Huddersfield at the company HQ where Debbie has given her a space of her own and made her the company mascot.

Since then Geri has been incorporated into many aspects of Kolorseal life, being the glamour girl on the front cover of the corporate brochures. Furthermore, she can be found on the website and has also become a key figure in the ‘De-Stress With Geri’ Campaign.

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Did you know?

A giraffe's neck has the same amount of vertebrae (seven) as humans, each one being up to 25cm long.

Giraffe are the world’s tallest living mammals with adult males growing up to around 5.5m

Giraffe can survive for 2-3 days without drinking water because they get their water from food and dew on plants

Giraffe are extremely social animals living in herds of 15-20 female giraffe and some young males.

Newborns weigh around 100kg and can be almost 2m tall at birth. They will grow tall very quickly and will nearly double their height within the first year.

Every individual giraffe has a pattern of spots that is completely unique, rather like a human fingerprint. These are also used to help control their body temperature.

Giraffe communicate infrasonically, using grunts and moans that are far too low in frequency for humans to hear. Sometimes, mothers will whistle to warn or call their young, and they also use different positioning of their eyes with prolonged stares that warn the herd of danger.

Giraffe are essential to keeping ecosystems in balance as they eat the leaves from boughs and branches other animals cannot reach. This promotes growth of foliage and opens up space for themselves and other smaller animals to inhabit …meaning giraffe help to protect other species too.

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Why are Giraffes in danger?

Very sadly, giraffe are poached for a variety of reasons.

Their tails are coveted in many parts of Africa, with the hairs used in fly swats, bracelets and touristic sewing items.

Giraffe are poached for their meat, skins, brains and bone marrow. The latter primarily as many herbal medicine practitioners in Africa state that these can protect people from HIV/AIDS….all of which incentivises poachers to kill them.

The overall giraffe population across the African continent has dropped a staggering 40% in the last 30 years. Only around 68,000 giraffe now exist in the wild and they are constantly under threat.
Poachers target giraffe alongside other species of African wildlife because they make money from their body parts. As some African communities rely on these sales to feed their own families - so fighting to save them is essential.

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The Adventures Of Geri Will Continue...

Just like Pinocchio - Debbie wanted to make Geri real.

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Premium express service available

If you require a turnaround that is even quicker than 5 days, we encourage you to take advantage of our premium express service. Please ask us if your project qualifies for this service.

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What do our customers think?

See what some of our customers think about our unique coatings and the quality of our service ...then you can get an idea of what we offer here at Kolorseal.

We have used Kolorseal for painting conservatory roof components since 2005.They have always produced a high quality product and also given us a great level of service. I wish all our suppliers were are easy to deal with and as high on quality as Kolorseal are. Thanks for the last 15 years of service and let’s look forward to the next 15 !!

Nick Wagner
Conservatory Solutions Limited

Kolorseal have provided an exceptional level of service since day 1 of our association with them and have been a key part of the development of our Premium Range of doors with an unsurpassed degree of quality and consistency

Howard Wilson Composite Manager
Hurst Plastics Limited

“Kolorseal offer a fantastic service and are a pleasure to deal with. The turnaround time of our quotes is especially impressive, which enables us to close sales more effectively” Also on another matter, we have a lady who has had a Composite Door installed and she is really unhappy with the colour of the outer frame (nothing to do with you) Are you able to offer a spray service for installed products ? I know a few companies have sprung up offering this, but would rather use you.

Roundbrand Limited

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