When it comes to coloured frames, knowing how to colour match these with roofline and composite doors can be a minefield.  Spray-coated colour finishes and foils are two very different processes and come in two very different colour ranges.

While Kolorseal can produce window frames, composite doors and roofline products in virtually any colour, when it comes to matching foils it is important to note the differences in colour  code numbers.

Foil finishes are a type of laminate which can replicate timber and they imitate the traditional grainy look of wooden windows.   The different foil colours are heat bonded to the surface of uPVC and provide consumers with attractive coloured alternatives to white.

When colour matching these with roofline products, such as soffits and guttering, it is important not to get confused between the different colour chart, as once coloured they can appear very different when placed alongside each other.   This can also be a costly lesson to learn.


Colour Coating At It’s Best

Colour coating windows and doors is a completely different process in which Kolorseal excels.  Using any colour chart, the team can colour-match uPVC, aluminium or glass products that have been chosen or specified.

The company has developed a process which provides maximum adhesion to the surface of a window, door or composite, where the colour becomes a part of the product.

While any colours can be matched the main thing to remember is that RAL colours and Foil colours are different.

Debbie Hendry, Managing Director comments, “It is important for both fabricators and installers to understand that Foils are not RAL colours.  Anthracite Grey 7016 for example, is very different in a Foil than in a RAL colour.  There are many other colours where this would be the case.

It is important to understand that if you want something to match a foil colour then you must use the foil code or name when ordering and not a near RAL colour.”

Outsourcing the paint spraying process to Kolorseal saves so much time, with a simple and quick 5 day turnaround.

Kolorseal is attending FENEX, so Debbie and the team will be available online during the exhibition if you want to discuss anything.

Anyone wishing to learn more about Kolorseal and the colour spraying process then do call:  01924 454856 or visit the website for more details: www.kolorseal.co.uk.