Leading colour coating specialists, Kolorseal Ltd, have once again committed to sponsoring the NFAs, but have upgraded to an Ambassador Sponsorship.


For Deborah Hendry, Managing Director at Kolorseal, the NFAs have been gaining massive popularity over the last few years and bring a healthy competitive edge to business.


Deborah believes that by being peer led it is evident that many brands can benefit a huge amount from association with the NFAs.  She comments:

“The rising influence of social media, online and digital platforms enable a company to truly benefit from the advantages gained from sponsorship.

The success of these Awards is primarily due to the fact that they bring about healthy competition but also help to unify the sector.”


Continuing on, Deborah feels that being an Ambassador will help to further raise brand awareness.

kolorseal nfa winner


“People have really become fans of the NFAs and enjoy meeting up at the annual winners event.  It is an excellent way to learn about those innovating the sector with new and improved products.

Also, when there is a competition on the cards it brings about great exposure and good rivalry for winners and nominees alike.”


The digital options of the NFAs make sponsorship an attractive addition to marketing strategies. For Kolorseal as a brand, the Ambassadorship provides a wider range of platforms on which to advertise.


Deborah concludes, “The industry as a whole uses social media as a real time news resource, so via the NFA platforms, it gives companies far greater scope.  Brands have new opportunities to remain a talking point and react to the narrative they want to highlight.  It is very exciting to be supporting the NFAs once again.”


Lee Clarke comments, “We are thrilled that Deborah has chosen to renew Kolorseal’s sponsorship, particularly knowing the advantages the company gains from the NFAs as an event and a digital platform.

This year will see more categories than ever before and will focus on the issues, topics and people that are highly relevant across the fenestration sector.”


For more information on the services available from Kolorseal please call 01924 454856