Green and pink are two colours that appear to be increasing in popularity at leading colour coating specialist, Kolorseal Ltd.  The darker greens available in the Farrow and Ball range alongside the paler RAL design colour windows are creating a stir with consumers, the Kolorseal team has noticed.

During this current, turbulent economic climate, many homeowners are preferring to inject capital into their properties, to bring a return on investment for their homes when the time comes to sell. Considerable interest has been shown in these specific colour tones.

Bold and vibrant colours it seems, are being introduced by people looking to add real value, security and striking visuals to their houses.  The architectural design of older properties can be beautifully enhanced with a variety of green shades, which help buildings to retain their classic authenticity.


“Beautifully styled composite front doors in vibrant and interesting colours make a building stand out in such a positive way,” comments Deborah Hendry, Managing Director, Kolorseal Ltd.


Equally for more neutral, light-coloured homes, the colour possibilities are almost endless.  The Kolorseal team has noticed that more unusual pastel colours are becoming popular with pink and aqua blue becoming a more frequent request.

For Deborah, it is possible for consumers to experiment with bolder coloured front doors knowing that they can match a similar shade to the windows that will enhance the overall appearance and make it truly different to other homes.

Deborah continues, “Door colours used to send out clear messages of communication years ago, with red being inviting and welcoming to visitors.  Green shades however are said to denote signs of wealth, prosperity and good health, which is a positive reflection given the times we are living in currently.

Adding that little extra wow factor really can make all the difference to the appeal of  a property on the housing market. Colour really does do the trick when it comes to adding value.”


The increasing trend on pink doors it would seem stems from the younger generation looking to add their personality into the appearance of their home. In today’s society, pink reflects youth, cheerfulness and generosity.

While many may consider the colour of the entrance door is more about kerb appeal than personality, it does appear to be the touch of individualism home renovators are looking to add.


Deborah concludes, “It is interesting to note the strong colour statements people are making right now, knowing that it is an investment in their most prized possession.

At Kolorseal, we take great pride in each and every project we undertake, ensuring that we create unique, beautiful entrance doors that are striking additions to a home; and which will seamlessly integrate into traditional or modern properties.”


For more information on the Kolorseal Ltd range, please visit the website or call the team on 01924 454856.