Specialist colour coating experts, Kolorseal Ltd, are helping customers to gain more business opportunities, with roofline and rainwater colouring options.

With virtually unlimited choice on colour spraying options for upvc and aluminium products, there has been a recent increase in interest for gutters and fascias that match window frames and doors, for the company.

Installers are grasping that this adds to the options they can offer homeowners to ensure a look that will complement the property as a whole.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director at Kolorseal comments, “We are seeing increasing enquiries on rainwater and roofing products that can be colour sprayed to match the door and window frames on renovation or new build projects.

Traditionally, gutters have been somewhat limited with colour but it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to take bolder steps when it comes to colour matching their properties.”

Gutters that match the colour of the frames, for example, show a modern approach to property maintenance that will add value to the home by keeping all products in same colour theme.

Gutters should complement the existing house colours rather than standing out in their own right.  Ideally, consumers should be taught to focus on the other aspects of  their home, such as  the entrance door and also any shutters that may be on the property.   Also, if upgrading then blend with the new colours.

Deborah continues, “It is always best to choose which features to match in the first instance, window frames, door or even the colour of the bricks, if a homeowner wants their front door  or window colour scheme to really stand out from the rest of the house.

Likewise with fascias and soffit boards, this can all be colour matched perfectly to the window frames and doors.”

For more information on the colour charts, and colour coating options available from Kolorseal Ltd, please visit the website or call the team on 01924 454 856

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