Geri and coloured doors

Geri and coloured doors

Deborah Hendry our Managing Director, has been looking at how colour coating is affecting the window and door market, with the meaning of colours also now important.

“The housing market is in a state of flux, but there is movement in the first time buyer sector it would seem – that’s certainly what estate agents would have you believe.

So how do installers get to make the sale with that market?  Knowing what trends the under 30s are investing in will really help.

Door colours used to send out clear messages years ago with red front doors considered inviting and welcoming.  It is said that green shades denote signs of wealth, prosperity and good health, which in the current climate is a very positive choice.

However, if there is renovation work to do, the first time buyer market generally wants to make a real statement – not just about the climate which is an enormous issue to them, but also they want to reflect their own personality on the overall look of their new home.

Giving greater choice and adding that little extra wow factor can make all the difference to the appeal of  a property on the housing market and a Kolored entrance door really does do the trick when it comes to adding value.

The increasing trend on navy, pastels and bolder colours tends to stem from the younger generation looking to add value, security but also they want to reflect their own personality into the appearance of their home.

While many may consider the colour of the entrance door is more about kerb appeal than personality, it does appear to be the touch of individualism younger home renovators are looking to add.

It is interesting to note the strong colour statements people are making right now, knowing that it is an investment in their most prized possession.  For installers and fabricators wanting that leading edge it would be wise to consider how to approach younger buyers but also to understand a little about what colours represent to them.”

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