Navy blue windows

Leading colour coating specialist, Kolorseal Ltd, has noticed a growing trend with high end builders and fabricators who are ordering increasing numbers of dual colour frames on both windows and doors.  The different colour options for internal and external parts of the frame are bringing new options to the market for those looking at bespoke renovation or new build design.

Additionally, with Kolorseal options, the company always ensures that the rebates match the internal colour for every single project – this is something that foiled window options cannot often provide.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director, Kolorseal Ltd, comments, “Frequently people forget that foiled frames do not cover the rebates on window or door frames, so from a design and finish point of view they can look rather odd.  For those with Kolosealed options, they know the difference that makes.”

Many homeowners are looking to update traditional windows with the option of customisation that reflects style and personal choice. This creates an alternative look that blends with a home both internally and externally.  Furthermore, this growing dual colour trend is also being applied to a wide variety of doors.

As this project demonstrates, a stunning dark navy kitchen was tailored with matching frames providing a beautiful aesthetic.  Externally the frames were anthracite grey to complement the overall look of the exterior of the home. By choosing a dark blue finish such as this, internally a real depth can be added to both modern and traditional interiors.

Increasingly, navy is being used on such projects for homeowners with budget at the high end of the market who want to make their homes truly stand out and at the same time add value.

Equally, contrasting timber effect foils on the exterior of a home with an ivory internal theme helps to bring out the natural beauty of any traditional property.  This will help to bolster not just the kerb appeal of a home but again the overall value.

Another great option for dual colour coating is any shade of grey matched with subtle blues or other pastels to provide excellent colour tones throughout the interior to match a theme.

A light timber look external finish for example is rustic and adds a richness to the finished project.  Contrast that with an ivory, or any subtle pastel to match interior decor, will bring out the best of any contemporary or classic period home.

Deborah concludes: “Whilst there are those that consider white is the only true window colour, particularly when it comes to internal design, they are missing out on a big part of the window and door market and evidently don’t understand the needs of todays homeowners.  It simply is not true that colour isn’t considered important in modern house design and renovation.”

For more information or to discuss Kolored design on a project, do give the #Kolorseal team a call on 01924 454 856