Did you know that Kolorseal colour coated products come carefully packaged in corporate tape that provides excellent protection to the frames and doors in order to maintain their integrity?  Furthermore, all products from Kolorseal come with a ten year guarantee and the added assurance that during transit, product damage is minimised.

Whether coloured coated or not, transporting Kolorseal van windows without damages or breakages is not always the easiest task. Windows and doors are extremely fragile in transit so special treatment is needed to transport products particularly if an external delivery company is used.

The Kolorseal window frame protection tape has been designed to protect the frame during installation, providing an excellent protective barrier from scratches, staining, dirt and potential tool damage. Also this tape will not leave behind any sticky residue when removed and is water resistant.

For those without haulage and delivery vans of their own, it is always better to use a transport company that knows how to keep products in their best condition.

Deborah Hendry comments,   “At Kolorseal we always advise smaller fabricators and installers to protect loads well. A good transport company will ask you to describe any delivery in detail so ensure you know what you want them to provide. We put our protective tape on which minimises scratching and other damages to the frame but always be sure to know what you want with a transport company.”  Call us to learn how colour coating will boost your business.