People spend a vast amount of time and money working on their corporate brand with marketing teams, designers and signwriters , all of which have a huge part of the final process. This is one of the largest and best places to advertise a product that is made by a company.

For fabricators the doors and windows will no doubt be covered in the products manufactured there; however those also symbolise the corporate branding that has taken so much time to create.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director at Kolorseal Ltd, believes that colour coating to match a brand image reinforces the quality of the products that are manufactured.

External products coated with corporate colours create a memorable and lasting impression on visitors.

Deborah comments, “An office building is the best advertising board for a business. Bringing in colours from the logo will portray a strong message and shows what a company can offer to its customers.

Kolorseal building

Just as with people, the subconscious mind makes fast judgements and in business it is vital to get the colour balance right. Your business brand is a reflection of your products and service, so first impressions count and customers will make a decision in the first few seconds of visiting your company.”

Many times the decision to return to a business will depend on the look and feel that is achieved after the first visit. This demonstrates how important it is to consider colour coating windows and doors to match the business brand.

It is not only large businesses that can create and maintain their colour brand throughout a building. SMEs and start ups can also reflect the high standards they offer by simply altering the colour of the entrance to match the corporate logo. Composite doors make a bold statement when they really stand out.

Thinking carefully about the colours that have been used in the corporate brand, this will play a vital role when thinking of the right colour to use on windows, doors and composite doors.

Deborah continues, “Getting the colour balance right is critical and often brighter colours can really add something special that will stand out. The design, size and location of an office and manufacturing facilities is very important when choosing external colours.

Making sure that the colour is right and doesn’t clash with any neighbouring properties will really impact the message conveyed to anyone entering or passing by the building. It will also really help to make a company stand out from its competitors.”

For any renovation or new build commercial projects that require tailored colour coating, the Kolorseal team can help and advise companies on the best colours from a corporate logo to make the right impression.

Deborah concludes, “As colour experts, we can help people make the right choices that will best represent their business.”

For more information on the Kolorseal portfolio of colours and products, please visit the website Anyone wishing to discuss corporate colours for business premises please call Deborah Hendry on 01924 454856 or contact us.