The major rise in demand for colour can be in no doubt. You can see this with systems companies and fabricators choosing to carry more colour combinations in stock. However this presents a problem: storage and capacity.

It’s impossible for any one company to store and fabricate every colour option possible. You’d need a building comparable to NASA’s in Florida. Its simply not going to happen.
However, if fabricators and indeed systems companies were to use the services of a company like Kolorseal, it would open the door to being able to provide not only every RAL combination possible but also Farrow & Ball and BS colours too. It would mean fabricators would not have to worry about space in their factories, and would allow them to offer to installers and reliable bespoke colour offering at reasonable lead times.

Debbie Hendry, Director of Kolorseal, spoke of the chance for fabricators being able to offer all colours.

With demand for colour only looking to increase over the years, and requests for more diversified colour options from home owners inevitably rising, companies such as Kolorseal are going to be at the forefront of delivering that service.