As the UK’s leading colour coating specialist, Debbie and the team are thrilled to introduce the new #Kolorseal corporate video, which not only tells the story of the company, but also demonstrates the professionalism and size of the business.  You can take a Virtual Tour around the Huddersfield HQ via the new tab or check out some of the videos on and around the site.  Also you can  dip into our YouTube Channel  where everything can be found all in one place.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director wanted to communicate the level of investment that has been made at the 18,000 sq.ft Huddersfield HQ.  In this way, customers can reinforce the quality standards of their own products to their installers and the end user.

Offering tailored solutions to the fenestration sector was the cornerstone of the business, which has gone on to win numerous awards for quality and diversity.  Many have discovered that using the trained #Kolorseal team is preferable as the company brings clear advantages.

Matters including health and safety, efficient spraying techniques, quality control and product handling need complete understanding as can be seen on the new video and tour. The size of the facility also demonstrates how much simpler it is for Kolorseal customers to benefit from the colour coating services in terms of saving space at their own premises.


Deborah comments,

“An excellent corporate video now effectively communicates the level of investment made at Kolorseal and the strengths it offers as a technically advanced and diverse business.

Trust is a huge part of the working relationship we have with our customers as they understand the capabilities of the whole company and how it works.  This is now evident for all to see when visiting the website and our social feeds.

Kolorseal VideoCustomers rely on the difference we can bring to their business including reduced costs, which in turn helps them to grow.  Our virtual tour and videos help demonstrate this to the entire sector.”

The new corporate video highlights a high level of staff training with quality control always a priority.

Deborah concludes, “We wanted to create an exciting and ‘kolorful’ access to the way we work as a team.  We feel sure the video will demonstrate the care and attention we put into each and every project.

The Kolorseal marketing video is adding a new personality to the business and bringing the brand to life.  We are sure the bespoke touches we offer will further build a more personal relationship with our customers,  old and new alike.”

Kolorseal is an award winning, colour coating specialist, providing bespoke services to the fenestration and construction sectors. For advice or more information on colour options for traditional or contemporary projects call the team on 01924 454 856