Grey, green and blue colours are now helping to add tens of thousands of £s to property prices according to recent national statistics.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director, #Kolorseal considers that those who only fabricate in white pvc-u are causing many homeowners to lose value on their properties.

“According to recent surveys done by national companies, adding colour coated windows and doors could add up to £70,000 onto the price of a property by comparison to traditional white alternatives, depending on where in the country the property is located.”  Deborah commented.

Grey is now a first choice for many homeowners when looking to add kerb appeal to both traditional and modern homes. This was most recently reflected in a renovation project that opted for an alternative grey colour for its final finish.

The homeowner of a traditional #property wanted something that brought a modern touch to the replacement window installation, so opted for a colour match to the Farrow and Ball Charleston Grey shade.

While grey anthracite windows are now commonplace on new build projects, homeowners want to add their own personal touch and are looking at alternative grey options, Deborah continues.

“Using only a handful of grey colour option does not provide the distinctive tones that end users are looking for to personalise their home.

There are so many grey options for window and door frames, all of which can really help to add value to any style of property.”

As personalisation becomes increasingly important, particularly as homeowners are renovating rather than opting to sell in the current climate, it is evident that there will be a lot of windows, doors, roofline and conservatories produced in a wide variety of grey, blue and green tones moving forward, to keep the homeowner happy.

Deborah concludes, “Buying windows can be challenging for homeowners if they aren’t aware of what is available to them.  Fortunately the industry has now recognised that broader colour choice means better profit margins and more business referrals.

Everyone has different tastes but there are so many great colour palettes available that will appeal to homeowners and builders looking at attracting buyers into the higher end properties. Colour coating is an attractive window and door alternative that is durable and can be produced in dual shades to blend with internal and external appearances.  They simply add value and provide a great talking point when it comes to improving a home.”

Kolorseal is an award winning, colour coating specialist, providing bespoke services to the fenestration and construction sectors.  For advice or more information on colour options for new projects call the team on 01924 454 856