Recently, our Managing Director, Deborah Hendry was asked to contribute to a Women In Industry feature in Glass News publication, which demonstrates the level of experience provided to Kolorseal customers and why the company has become an award winning, colour coating business.  Here we detail the published article:


1) How did your career begin in this industry?

Initially I’d set up a window manufacturing business with my then husband – we were asked to provide a colour for 20 houses back in around 2000, and this was the launch of the colour coating side of company. 

As colour became more important in window and door fabrication, it was an obvious move to establish Kolorseal in its own right. I bought that side of the business nearly 20 years ago, have moved premises twice as the business grew and feel it is now recognised as the UKs leading  niche colour coating provider.

2) What was your first job after leaving school?

As soon as I left school, I just wanted to earn money so that I could buy clothes and things I liked.  I applied for a receptionist job at a car accessory wholesaler, which I didn’t get, but they offered me a job filing in the main office.  

I didn’t realise then, how much I would learn from that company.

3) Can you tell us a little about that?

Taking the filing job led to doing lots of other roles within the company.  I went from filing clerk to purchase order processing, then purchase ledger. I covered sales ledger for a few months Then I was assistant buyer and from there I became a buyer. I then was sent to branches where stockholding was too high and my job was to reduce the stockholding without compromising stock availability for customers.

Learning about sales came later but all of this gave me the courage to understand what it takes to make a business work. 

4) Do you believe your skillset is transferable?

Absolutely.  These days it is a necessity to be able to adapt to markets as they change. 

5) Do you have a career path or do you feel work life is more about opportunity?

It can be a healthy mix of both I suppose. I have just followed the path that I have stumbled across. Knowing your direction is a good thing but sometimes you have to seize opportunities when the right ones come along.

6)  Where would you like to be in a) 5 years and b) 10 years

Kolorseal is my baby, so in 5 years I’d like to still be doing what I am doing now and providing customers with an excellent colour coating service.  In 10 years it would be a similar answer but maybe a little more time thrown in on beaches and traveling.




7) All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl – True or False and why?

There is always a need to take some time away, for me anyway. I love to spend time with my family and I walking my dog Tilly.  It’s always great to see friends and enjoy time visiting places new and old.

8) Can you achieve the work life balance you would like to achieve?

Definitely – my family is my priority which along with Kolorseal keeps life interesting and fun. 

9) If money and leisure time were no object, what would you like to do for yourself and your family?

If money wasn’t an object, I would love to travel to new places with my family and friends. Also, I have always wanted to build or buy a few apartments, where I could offer to house a number of unfortunate homeless people for 12 months.  I’d love to give them the chance to rebuild their lives and turn it around within a year with a little support.

Also, I really would love to start a giraffe conservation trust – of course! 




10)  What do you focus on when you are not at work?

Travelling, socialising, going to concerts and generally enjoying downtime with my family.  They are so  important to me. 

11)  What things help you to switch off?

I regularly take off to the Lake District for long walks with my dog – I’m not sure I switch off completely really, but this time away helps me to evaluate things at a different pace and to savour some really lovely countryside at the same time.