The days are gone when people wanted just white or cream windows and today many homeowners want to add a really personal touch to their homes using colour.  This can be a huge financial advantage for installers and fabricators looking at offering more benefits to consumers.

For shrewd installers this could also bring viable profits their way, as there are ways to use coloured frames, doors and roofline on any project to help to greatly increase their income. The real beauty is that it can be achieved without having to make expensive additional costs.

It's the Kolorseal van making a delivery.Rather than filling a delivery van with only white uPVC products, installers can slot regular, full coloured loads into their delivery runs and achieve double the price for the same amount of white products.

By reaching out to consumers, who are aware that colour can enhance their property and add real value, this option will also help to expand an installer’s business through referral and testimonials.

Likewise, for commercial contracts where architects and specifiers aim to create a striking appearance to modern buildings, the Kolorseal colour palettes offer a vast choice of options in both UPVC and aluminium products.

For many listed or traditional style projects, colour can be an integral part of the local planning requirement when fitting new windows, doors and fascia.  Being able to offer a good but alternative colour choice, that will blend to meet stipulations, will provide end users with reassurance that they can have all they are looking for in a renovation project.

kolorseal coloursDelivery times are fast and guaranteed, with orders being delivered either to site or factory with just a 5 day lead time. The Kolorseal team guarantees that all windows, doors, composites and aluminium products are finished in a top-quality and long-lasting colour.

For fabricators, installers or architects, the company promises to provide quotes within 24 hours of contact, to ensure a customer’s schedule can be met.

In addition to helping improve profit margins, Kolorseal also can help to improve storage areas, as valuable factory space can be used for other things rather than stocking a vast number of coloured foils.

The Kolorseal modern paint technology bonds the paint to the surface of the products to be coloured, which, with a 10 year guarantee, provides stunning results.  Moreover with homeowners more aware now than ever before about exterior and interior design, they gain reassurance that their new products won’t fade or peel.

In our experience, homeowners can see the merits of alternative colours and as such will look to achieve an improved look on their renovation projects.  Do visit the Kolorseal website to discuss trends and alternative colours.

For more information on the array of colours, products and services available from Kolorseal Ltd, please call 01924 454856