Colour swatchesFor builders, specifiers and end users getting the colour right on frames and doors is essential, but choosing the right colour is more difficult than people may realise. When it comes to colour coating first impressions count and homeowners in particular have become bolder in their colour preferences.

With virtually no limits when it comes to colour spraying products today, a beautifully colour coated front door can make all the difference between gaining a sale or not.  Whether it is a fabricator or an installer looking to offer more, it is important to know the shades of colours, the colour charts and the relevant codes for them, to avoid disappointment.  The Kolorseal team has nearly 20 years experience in colour coating windows, doors and composite doors so can advise on what would be best on different types of installations.

For Deborah Hendry, Managing Director, “Getting the colour right will depend on a few things, such as any colour restrictions on the property. Some listed buildings or new builds could have covenants or  limits as to colour options for entrance doors for example.  Also, it is important to evaluate the exact colour shade of a front door when standing outside – standard foils don’t always work when personalising a renovation or even characterful new build projects.

In a challenging market, colour coating could make all the difference to getting referrals and improving profit for a business.”

Light grey coloured entrance door

Light grey coloured entrance door

Knowing what each colour signifies could be very important to some people, so for installers who understand this then it could help to make the sale.  Complementing tones and materials is something fabricators would be wise to consider to create greater business potential.

Anyone wishing to discuss colour coating options that will make a difference to your profit margins please call the Kolorseal team on 01924 454856