For leading colour coating specialist, #Kolorseal, it has been noticeable how a broader colour palette is being used for projects that cater for Senior Living.  Doors and composite doors in a diverse range of colours are being installed on care home projects.  It is a proven fact that colour directly impacts mood and also helps with cognitive tasks which affect behaviour in the elderly.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director, Kolorseal Ltd, comments, “The intensity of colour really matters when it comes to retirement living and it is noticeable how crucial builders and planners consider this.  Softer blue tones for example are known to create calm, tranquil environments, whereas more intense shades such as turquoise or teal tend to be used for activity areas.

Whether planners are creating peaceful retreats or they are designing invigorating spaces, achieving the right feeling in a Senior Living Community will be achieved by choosing the right colour intensity.

Colours create or can leave us with intense feelings, this is amplified when it comes to the elderly who may have medical conditions that require support and help to soothe the occupant of a room.  Bolder colours will create more energetic feelings, making them ideal for entrance areas or activity spaces in a retirement home.”

As the eyes age, colour perception in elderly residents declines, and it becomes more difficult to recognise their surroundings.  Dark blue and dark green tones are particularly difficult for ageing eyes with warmer reds, golds and oranges being far more distinguishable.

Deborah continues, “When it comes to Memory Care environments particularly for those with dementia, then dark colours may appear as a black, empty hole or  a missing space.  It has been noticeable on our customers’ projects how the warmer shades have become more popular on commercial projects such as hospital renovations and new build care homes.”

Kolorseal has 20 years of experience in evaluating the right colour for the right projects.  The team is always available to discuss projects where sensitivity to colour matters because of the emotional impact.

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