Independent window and door manufacturer, Astra Windows, relies on Kolorseal to colour spray products from the range on all colour projects.  The leading fabricator based in Greater Manchester has had a long working relationship with Kolorseal Ltd, due to the quality and reliability provided by the firm.

Whether on a single window or door, or a multiple product installation, the two companies have worked together for over 15 years; and Kolorseal, regularly provides Astra Windows with a broad range of premium colour coated products.

David Jackson, Director at Astra Windows believes that the diversity of colour that is available from Kolorseal gives the company added advantages when it comes to providing business potential for their own customers.

Kolorseal is recognised for providing virtually any desired colour for windows, doors, conservatories and composite doors, ensuring that every single order is completed with a lasting colour solution. Trust, choice and a good working partnership with a tailored service are qualities that customers rely upon.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director comments: “We believe that working with our clients is essential to ensure they have all they need for every single installation. As an award winning company we understand our customers’ business and the market demands.

Working with the Astra Windows team is never difficult or complicated; we are honest and open with each other when discussing technical issues and delivery times.  We always try to be flexible and will work hard to colour match on bespoke orders.”

Having a mutual respect comes high on the agenda for both companies, which David Jackson considers demonstrates the trust and collective insight both teams have in their working partnership.

David Jackson comments, “As a family business we always go that extra mile to make our customers feel heard and valued. Being able to discuss projects with the Kolorseal team is something we really appreciate and we know that they will provide an excellent service every time.  They are a really good company to deal with.”

Kolorseal paints guarantee to provide a maximum weather-proof adhesion, that comes with a lasting quality and colour consistency which have a 10 year guarantee.

Providing opportunities for installers and building companies is a strong focus for both companies with a desire to provide honest and transparent services for old and new customers alike. Both teams aim to deliver excellence across the board on all projects.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director, Kolorseal Ltd comments, “Having a strong association with such a professional company gives us all excellent business scope and reflects well within the sector. We try to anticipate Astra Windows’ requirements in order to keep things moving smoothly on all orders. There is a great connection between us which is part of the reassurance we want to provide as part of our customer service.”

For more information on the Kolorseal Ltd colour portfolio please call 01924 454 856 or for information on the Astra Windows range please visit