In-house colour coating options are improving business for Kolorseal customers thanks to greater choice and appeal to the end user.  When it comes to window design and colours there is a vast choice, but knowing what will be popular is a different story.  This is where Kolorseal stands out from the crowd.

Grey modern art deco windows

Award winning colour coating specialist, Kolorseal was established nearly 20 years ago to bring greater scope for fabricators and homeowners.

Deborah Hendry, Managing Director comments,

“Over the last 15 years or so, colour has become increasingly important.  Today, it is now a vital aspect to consider, and offer, when approaching homeowners.

As window and door products are expected to perform better, so must the choice of colour options be broader.

In recent years grey has come to the forefront for British properties when it comes to renovation, but as we all know there are so many shades of grey now available and for homeowners, choice is everything.

Everyone is looking to make very individual and personal statements nowadays.  With almost any shape of window and door now possible to produce, bringing out the best of a product is invariably done through colour.

The aesthetic brings a whole new dimension to the overall appearance and attractiveness of a property.”

It is commonplace to see a variety of colours with trends always bringing in new ideas, but to have products Kolorsealed brings guarantees and improves profit margins.  The company offers the full spectrum of colours via its award winning colour coating services team.

Grey Front Door Dual coloured windows and doors are also popular to keep up with modern design trends.

Deborah continues, “The increase in popularity of grey has been very much led by architects and specifiers looking at creating stunning building concepts.  Kolorseal gives them greater scope in respect of that.

Also, with commercial buildings, it is common for companies to opt for colours from their brand when it comes to their windows and doors. It is quite rare for these buildings to have standard white windows and doors installed.”

For more information on the products and colour coating services available from Kolorseal Ltd please visit or call 01924 454856